History Of Locks: How Did It All Began

You may not remember the time when locks were not around but mankind does. There were times when people would just shut the door behind themselves

Halloween Security Tips

With Halloween almost upon us, excitement is surely starting to build among homeowners with families. Congruently, anxiety might also be starting to creep up. After all,

What Do I Do After a Home Burglary?

What Do I Do After a Home Burglary?  Almost anyone’s home can be broken into. Even with top-notch locks and security accessories, you can never truly

5 Security Tips For Your AirBnB

AirBnB has grown exponentially in popularity since it was established. After all, travelers love having cheaper options than hotels. And nothing beats the comfort of a

The 5 Safest Cities in Nevada

Want to know where the safest places to live in Nevada are? Then keep reading this post to find out! We’re introducing the 5 safest cities

4 Luggage Security Tips

Which lock should I buy for my suitcase? Should I put my laptop in my checked bag or carry on? What do I do with my

Car Keys Las Vegas

NV Locks Services is a US based company whose main field of operation revolves around security lock services. We are the firm to consult if you

Lockout Services Las Vegas

Ever found manually locked out of your own car? Or even your house or business premise. It is a horrid yet an unavoidable experience that leaves


Believe it or not, car alarms serve a purpose other than waking up the entire neighborhood at 4 AM for no good reason. They are a


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