What Do I Do After a Home Burglary?

What Do I Do After a Home Burglary? 

Almost anyone’s home can be broken into. Even with top-notch locks and security accessories, you can never truly guarantee that your home won’t be invaded or robbed. Break ins occur every day, and if you’ve been the victim of such a crime, there are a few steps we recommend taking to prevent it from happening again and to make sure your home, your family, and property are secure.

Improve Your Home Security After a Break In

If You’re Not Sure How They Got In

Burglars will often leave evidence of how they got into your home – broken locks, smashed windows, etc… If there’s no immediate signs pointing to their point of entry, they may have done so by coming through an unlocked door or window, lock picking, lock bumping, bypassing poorly installed locks, or they may even have a key! That said, here’s what we recommend doing:

Always Lock Your Doors

This obviously goes without saying, but when nearly 30% of all burglars enter through an unlocked door or window, it bears repeating: ALWAYS keep your doors locked. 

Rekey or Change Your Locks

If you fear the burglar had a working house key, you should either change your locks or have them rekeyed so that the old key (and all its copies) no longer work. Then take that opportunity to hand out copies only to those people who absolutely need them.

Prevent Lock Bumping

Burglars love lock bumping because it’s astoundingly easy. Anybody can go online and buy a key to work on locks that aren’t bump-protected. Invest in locks that are pick-proof and bump-proof and you’ll be one step closer to preventing a break in!

Get Locks Installed Properly

If your deadbolt or door locks aren’t installed securely and properly, very little will be required to get past them – sometimes even a simple credit card or piece of plastic. You can buy and install your own locks, but we recommend hiring a professional locksmith for the installation. After a break in, we’re sure you won’t mind going the extra mile. 

If They Smashed a Door In

If the burglar entered your home by smashing or kicking your door in, then you’ll need to make sure to reinforce all of your exterior doors. 

General Home Security Tips For Break In Prevention

Don’t Advertise That You’re Traveling

Don’t give any signs to potential burglars that you’ll be away from your home. Arrange for mail collection while you’re away, install exterior lighting or leave on an interior light, and keep your vacation posts online as private as possible to avoid letting would-be burglars know you’re not around! 

Keep Entry Points Clearly Visible

Don’t give burglars cover for committing their crimes – make sure all the windows and doors at the front of your home are clearly visible from the street. Trim those bushes, hedges, and trees if need be. And remove any obstacles from the line of sight. 

Get a Security System

Having a home security system in place will do wonders to keep away intruders. And for those on a budget, you can buy systems that cost less than $200 and don’t require monthly monitoring fees. In addition to alarms, these systems will alert you by phone in case of a breach and provide a video feed so you can monitor what happens in your home. 

Use Grade 1 Locks

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established an accredited grading systems for locks based on acceptable standards for operation, key torque cycles, pull strength, impact resistance, and finish. In other words: how strong they are and how long they last. Grade 1 locks offer the highest level of residential security and we recommend selecting and installing them on all your home’s exterior doors. 

Locksmith Help in Vegas

If you’ve suffered a break in at your home in the Vegas area, you can contact NV Locksmith Services to come get your home security situation sorted moving forward. We’re happy to provide rekeying, lock change, and lock installation services. Available 24 hours and insured, you can trust us to provide you with the best lock and key security solutions.

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