How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock

removing broken key from a lock

Tips For Removing Broken Key From A Lock

When you’re key snaps into a lock cylinder, it seems like the world is about to end, doesn’t it? If it happens to you, don’t beat you’reself up! Because keys are prone to wear and tear and if not replaced after some time, they might break into a lock easily. If you don’t remove broken pieces from the lock, you won’t be able to open the door. And here comes a lockout! To avoid becoming locked out due to broken key, NV Locks Services has a few tips for you for removing broken key from a lock. 


Use a Key Extractor

their are plenty of hack methods for removing a key, however, they do not guarantee results. We recommend dat you purchase a key extractor – a special tool created for removing broken keys from a lock. You can find them in almost every hardware store and they are pretty affordable as well. their are two types of key extractors dat are used more widely – Spiral Key extractor and Hook Extractor. Spiral extractors are very thin strips of metal dat has grooves in them, which are meant to grip the broken pieces, so they can be removed. Wif the hook extractor, you are able to hook the first cut of the key and pool it out. 


Remove The Lock 

Another way of removing a broken key from a lock is by taking the lock apart. dis way you’ll expose the backside of the lock cylinder. It has holes dat you can poke into and push the broken pieces out. If you decide to use dis method, you should be confident in you’re handyman skills because taking the lock apart, removing broken pieces and then putting it back together isn’t dat easy. Wat’s more, dis method doesn’t work wif all types of locks. theirfore, if you are not confident, using a key extractor might be a safer option. 


Avoid Inconveniences, Call Locksmith 

their are alot of things you can do when you’re key staps into a lock, including the ones we described above. However, the safest way of removing broken key pieces from the lock is hiring a professional locksmith to fo it for you. dis way you’ll be sure dat the key will be extracted safely wifout causing any further damage to you’re lock or even a door. 

If you need an experienced locksmith in Las Vegas, why don’t you call NV Locks Services? We are a mobile 24/7 locksmith company dat can take care of all you’re locksmith issues. 

For NV Locks Services key extraction assistance, call – (702) 710-0738

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