Rekeying Vs. Replacing Your Locks: What’s Best For You?

Rekeying Vs. Replacing Your Locks: What’s Best For You? 

If you’ve spent any amount of time on a locksmith website, you’ve probably come across a service known as “rekeying.” Many people don’t know about this service and how it represents a cheaper, effective option to changing out your locks. In this blog, we’ll discuss what it means to rekey your locks vs. replacing them, and what factors might play into your decision about what service to choose for your locks. Each has its pros and cons and we’ll walk through them for you.


Firstly, we should define what a lock rekey is. After all, it’s less straightforward than a lock replacement. When a locksmith rekeys your locks, they go in and move around the internal parts of the lock, known as the pins. When you insert your key, the pins align in a certain way that allows the key to unlock the door. When the locksmith rearranges these pins, they no longer align with your key, and your key will not unlock the door. You will need a new key in order to unlock the lock. It makes all the copies of your previous key ineffectual.

After rekeying your locks, whoever had a copy of the key will no longer be able to use it, and you will have to get new keys. This is beneficial if you’re worried about having lost, or given out too many copies of your key. Also, if you’ve moved into a new home and can’t afford or don’t want to go through the process of installing new locks, rekeying offers an alternative.

However, is there any reason you might not want to rekey? Let’s look at the pros and cons to get a better idea. 

Pros of RekeyingCons of Rekeying
Greater access control – limits who has a copy of the keyLimited security compared to a lock change – can’t upgrade to stronger locks
Cost effective – cheaper than changing locksRequires professional assistance – must be done by a locksmith
Fast & easy – usually only takes a few minutes 

So, to summarize: rekeying your locks is great because it’s simple, fast, and cheap. It also gives you a greater sense of control over who has a working copy of your key. However, if your locks aren’t particularly secure or strong, rekeying them won’t make them any stronger. Also, a rekey must be performed by a professional locksmith. If you’re looking for a more DIY option, a rekey isn’t it. 

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of changing locks. 

Pros of Lock ReplacementCons of Lock Replacement
Improved security – can upgrade and customize your locksMore expensive than rekeying – paying for parts and labor
Possibility of DIY – you may be able to install them yourself 

If you want a more DIY option, than changing your locks might be for you, as many locks can be purchased and installed by a homeowner with some basic tools and knowledge. Additionally, changing your locks allows you to upgrade to higher security locks if you’re not satisfied with your current locks. 

So, what option is best for you? 

In order to decide between rekeying vs. replacing your locks, there are a few questions to consider that will help you make the right choice:

Are you happy with your current locks? 

If not, than a lock change is probably best.

Have you lost or given out too many copies of your key?

If the answer is yes, and you’re not particularly looking to upgrade your locks, than a simple rekey is probably the best way to go. 

What is your budget?

For many people, this what the choice comes down to in the end. Rekeying is the cheaper option of the two (if you are, in fact, planning to have the locksmith complete both) but only rekeying absolutely requires you to pay for a professional locksmith service. If you’re changing locks and are security minded, you might want to have the locksmith install your locks to make sure they’re properly placed and resistant to tampering. Whatever you prefer, you’ll always need to factor in the cost of the lock itself and the cost of professional installation (should you wish to hire a locksmith for that purpose.)

Locksmith in Las Vegas

If you’re a resident of the Las Vegas area wondering what to do about your locks, you can give NV Locks Services a call. We offer both rekeying and replacement services and are happy to advise you on all issues of residential security

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