Keyless Access Systems: Which One Is Best for Your Business?

Keyless Access Systems: Which One Is Best for Your Business?

Many businesses and commercial property owners and managers use keyless access systems for security purposes. Not only are they convenient because they eliminate the need to keep track of keys, but they’re also easy to use – they can be set up virtually anywhere. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most popular kinds of systems that are becoming the go-to security choice for businesses and commercial properties of all sizes. 


Swipe Card Systems

Swipe card systems, otherwise known as electronic card access systems are very basic in their design. All a business needs is the system itself and however many swipe cards they need for their personnel. 


  • Installation is quick & doesn’t disrupt your business 
  • There are options for monitoring and access control 
  • Lost or stolen cards can easily be canceled to deny unauthorized access
  • Spare cards can be ordered if necessary
  • Can fit most commercial doors and frames

When You Should Choose Swipe Card Systems…

If you have a variety of doors at your space and want to restrict access to some or all of them.


Fob Systems

Fobs are small enough to fit on most keyrings, making for a convenient and time-saving keyless access system. 


  • Installation is quick because only the access panel needs to be mounted and connected to the door
  • Fobs are lightweight and easy to carry
  • You have complete control over access to all parts of your facility
  • Fobs can be deactivated remotely from a central computer program if lost or stolen
  • Extra fobs are available on demand when you need them

When You Should Choose a Fob System…

If your personnel frequently move around your facility and need quick access to different areas.


Keypad Entry Systems

Keypads are easy to install and fit most types of doors (push/pull handle, sliding door, heavy-duty commercial door, etc…) They’re usually mounted on the wall by a door and can only be accessed by an alpha-numeric code. 


  • A single unit can open multiple doors or dedicated pads can be used for specific doors
  • Codes can be changed as often as necessary
  • Monitoring is available to report on what keypads have been accessed
  • Keypad entry systems can automatically lockout people who attempt unauthorized access via a wrong code

When You Should Choose a Keypad Entry System…

If you have a large-scale business with sensitive areas dispersed throughout.


Buzz-In Systems

A buzz-in access system has a few different parts. There is a unit that people buzz in order to request entry. There is a component to let them know when their request has been granted (for example, an intercom or video camera.) And there’s a mechanism to unlock the door or gate and allow access. 


  • Allows businesses to see & communicate with people outside
  • Can function and be turned off on a set schedule
  • Attendants can grant access remotely using a wireless release
  • Usually, only a single unit is required (for the front of the business)

When You Should Choose a Buzz-In System…

If you need to see and/or talk to each person who requests access to your premises (for example, unwanted tenants, solicitors, etc…) 


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