How To Keep Your Car From Freezing in Winter

Winter is associated with sparkly times, new years resolutions and cozy Christmas day spent with the ones you love the most. However, we can’t deny that one of the significant characteristics of the winter is cold (at least in most of the countries). Winter’s bitter winds can cause all kinds of problems to your car. In this article, we give you a few tips that’ll help you keep your car from freezing this winter. 

Check Gaskets 

Car dors may freeze shut because rain or melted snow gets into cracks or your vehicle and seeps between the rubber gaskets of your door. That’s why professional mechanics suggest inspecting your gaskets before they cause you problems. The first thing you need to check is whether they are worn out, broken or dirty. Any tears or openings will let water in where it can become frozen. If your door gasket is not in the best condition consider changing it right away. 

Cleaning is Important

If your car door gasket looks fine but you notice some dirt and debris, give it a good cleaning. Dirt can prevent the door from closing properly. We recommend using a clean cloth and warm water for cleaning dirty gaskets. Make sure you dry the frames after cleaning so no moisture is left. If it’s already freezing outside try to do this in the garage or somewhere warm so the water doesn’t freeze before you wipe it. 

Lubricate Locks

Another pretty common thing that happens to your car in the winter cold is frozen locks. One way of avoiding it is to lubricate them well. Locksmith experts recommend using silicone-based lubricants. The procedure is fairly easy – just spray the lubricant on locks and spread it out evenly. Silicone prevents moisture from getting inside your lock and therefore protects it from freezing out.  


You will not face any problems with our tips on “How To Keep Your Car From Freezing in Winter.”

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