Halloween Security Tips

With Halloween almost upon us, excitement is surely starting to build among homeowners with families. Congruently, anxiety might also be starting to creep up. After all, with people taking to the streets and going door-to-door! Extra precaution is necessary for homeowners who want to keep their home and family safe from any possible security threat. We want to help you avoid any possible break in or vandalism attempts by sharing a few Halloween security tips with you, so you can have a fun, spooky, and safe holiday! 

Check out our Halloween Security Tips below! 

Keep Your Driveway and Walkway Lit

A dark yard or porch may help you to achieve a spooky atmosphere. But you won’t be doing yourself any favors, security-wise. It’s important to light your driveway, walkway, and front porch so that trick-or-treaters don’t fall prey to tripping hazards. Additionally, if your yard is dark, you may unknowingly be inviting pranksters or burglars to hit up your home. The more well-lit your home is, the less likely people are to attempt a break in. 

Close the Garage Door

An open door is an invitation, even an open garage door. Someone could attempt to shield their nefarious activities around your home or garage among the high foot traffic on the street. If you are not set up for trick-or-treaters in your garage. Then we recommend keeping it closed and locked, with your car parked inside, to prevent any threats of vandalism or car theft.

Turn On a Light Inside Your Home

If you’re planning to stay inside your house while passing out candy, then feel free to keep it dark and spooky. However, for those families planning to leave their homes for trick-or-treating, we recommend keeping a light on somewhere in the house. Sure, people may think you’re home and attempt to trick or treat, but it’s better for that to happen than to have someone think you’ve left your house empty and vulnerable to security threats. 

Decide When You’re Going to Close & Lock Your Doors

Many neighborhoods will have a set time for trick-or-treating activities to end, usually by 8 or 9 PM. After that, it’s time to shut and lock the doors and turn the lights off. If the curfew is a bit looser in your neighborhood, then choose your own time to close up shop and advertise it to others by turning off your lights, or even putting up notification. 

Agree to Some Precautions

If possible, have your neighborhood or community agree to some rules beforehand. Homeowners associations are advised to set up some rules for Halloween night and advertise them among the families in the neighborhood. Rules, such as what time trick-or-treating should begin and end, should be decided upon and advertised at least a week before Halloween night so that families have time to prepare. 

Don’t Be Shy – Report Suspicious Behavior

Everyone wants to have fun on Halloween, making it easy to dismiss suspicious activity as just “kids being kids.” However, if you notice something that seems unsafe, unusual or illegal, don’t be afraid to notify someone – perhaps a neighborhood watch group or even the police. Having everyone on guard is the best way to keep the whole neighborhood safe. 

In Conclusion

Trick or treating is a great American Halloween tradition, and a great activity for families to stay in contact with their neighbors. However, vandalism and burglary are also unfortunate Halloween traditions, so it’s important to take your home security into consideration. If you need help with your locks and keys, then give NV Locksmith services a call. We’ll be at your home in no time to help you secure your locks.

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